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Amanda phelps sojourn

The rogue of the group, Sojourn. She's the youngest of the group and has a lot of learn on her upcoming adventure.

Amanda phelps nixie

This is the Druid of our group, Nixie. She's a wood elf who has a nasty case of lycanthropy at the moment.

Amanda phelps x img 1543383631668

This is the wizard of the group, Lavik. He always thinks one step ahead and always has a healing potion on hand if you forgot to stock up back in town.

Amanda phelps kallus

This is the gunslinger of the group, Kallus. Give him the right materials and he can tinker just about anything, especially when it comes to fire power!

Amanda phelps quilasmol

This is Quila, an NPC who has ran with our group for several sessions. She's a knight in training..

This is where I will be dumping any art I create for the D&D campaign I'm currently fun. It's just a fun personal project that I can use to practice without much pressure.

November 14, 2018